Landscape in bessie head s collector of

Research online is the open access institutional repository for the university of wollongong for further information recent discussions of bessie head's work have centred on a question of power and the general tendency has been to view this looking on at the landscape, makhaya, the newcomer from south africa.

The paper's author aims to examine several stories by bessie head from her collection the collector of treasures as the basis for a discussion of the universality of tragedy at issue here are such questions as these: is it legitimate to maintain our belief that tragedy is universal or is it necessary to acknowledge that.

1 the literary context of head's writing 1 2 2 the cardinals 37 3 when rain clouds gather 53 4 maru 76 5 a question of power 99 6 the collector aftreasures 129 7 serowe: village of the rain wind 151 8 a bewitched crossroad 167 appendix - a selection of bessie head's personal letters- as yet unpublished.

Head's a question of power hugh w hancock the explicator volume 59, 2000 - issue 1 published online: 30 mar 2010 ia richards's psychological principles of literary and aesthetic response david w west changing english volume 7, 2000 - issue 1 published online: 28 jun 2010. “an african story,” listener, november 30, 1962, p 735 cols 2–3 p 736 cols 1– 3 google scholar “a collector of treasures,” ms, june 1977, pp 58–61 google scholar “life,” encounter, june 1975, pp 3–8 google scholar “heaven is not closed,” black world, december 1975, p 54 col 1 p 60 col 2 google scholar.

Landscape in bessie head s collector of

  • Living on a horizon is an outstanding companion to bessie head's extraordinary oeuvre, and one it is, indeed, to head that we must (re)turn as we try to make sense of our post- apartheid political landscape, as well as that of post-colonial ( southern) africa wind, the collector of treasures and a bewitched crossroads.

landscape in bessie head s collector of [elizabeth's] internal battle ceases when she at last exorcises the negative  powers within, and finds in their place that there is only one god and his name is man extending the landscape of madness, then, bessie head has imaginatively shown its central relationship to powerlessness a question of power succeeds.
Landscape in bessie head s collector of
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